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What Is an Astonished Tamale?

What is an “astonished tamale”? Why is that the name of this blog? Gary L. Matthews attempts to shed some light on these questions. [...]

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It Sings!

The world’s loudest creature, relative to its size, is not the blue whale. It is a two-millimeter insect called the water boatman. The Astonished Tamale! considers what this has to do with the 1994 movie “Don Juan DeMarco”. [...]

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Knoxville: Lover’s Lane for the Prematurely Old?

Can America’s most geriatric city top our nation’s “hot to trot” list? Yes, we can!

Let’s contrast two hot-off-the-press news flashes:

ITEM ONE: It’s official: During the run-up to Valentine’s Day 2012, we learn that America’s most romantic city is Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the famous Astonished Tamale! (Also the University of Tennessee Lady Vols, manytime national champions under basketball’s amazing Coach Pat Summitt. Plus we used to play a little football.)

Our “most romantic” ranking is bestowed by, presumably the last word on such questions. Amazon’s Feb. 9 press release cites Knoxville’s purchases of romance novels, relationship books, [...]

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